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Operational Intelligence. Is it Rocket Science?

The progression of advanced systems and operational intelligence over the years has lead to businesses/organisations having the ability to use data in a proactive way so that problems can be identified immediately. Data analytics and sensor information can identified the problem immediately with enhanced process management controls preventing the problem occurring at all. In the modern world, It has become the new ‘normal’ to to respond to everyday activities exceptionally.

Mobile by Design

Mobile connectivity has suddenly stepped away from the early social network and email adopters to become commonplace. The big jump is the fact that it is no longer the social animals driving the moves forward. Businesses are rapidly taking up the drive for mobility.

Tough empathy in change management

Last week I had the privilege of spending a day at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia. John Cleary (Blue Chip Consulting) ran an excellent session on “Applied Corporate Strategy for the Finance Professional”. It was a day jam packed with content and value.

Death to Robot Barbie

Death to Robot Barbie

Our “Art of War – Strategic Battle Plans for Successful SharePoint ROI” seminars last Thursday in Sydney and Friday in Melbourne struck a common chord in all the attendees. Companies of all shapes and...