Category: Purchasing

Stop opening other people’s envelopes

I’m always delighted when a company says “send me the invoice”. It’s a good measure of success for both parties. But my delight turned to horror recently when I was told “Oh yes, you can email the invoice if you want, but you must also post one to the finance address.

Six pieces to the procurement puzzle

I have been involved in many procurement projects and heard many different methods of mastering spend control. The best advice I have always remembered and still find relevant is to consider the procurement puzzle as having six pieces.

What is iPOS XML?

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a generic term for a globally defined set of standards and rules that enable documents to be codified in a way that both humans and machines can read.

What is the number 1 eprocurement KPI?

I have had the pleasure of discussing the benefits and experiences of electronic procurement with many customers. Although there are numbers of KPIs that offer various insights I am still drawn to the power and simplicity of the approach of a CEO I met a few years ago.