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I think I’ll put the dog on the internet

We have a dog at home, a cairn terrier. The kids love him and he seems to like them, no one bitten yet. The trouble with terriers is that they are runners. When you open the front door, if you don’t have a good grip on him he bolts down the driveway and disappears.

The BPM nerd limps on for another day

In a previous post, I sought to be able to explain XMPro; simply, without the techno speak, and how it can make a positive difference to your business. I spent last weekend walking a portion of the Great North Walk. This was my opportunity to refine my explanations of XMPro.

Why your smart people don’t like your workflow system

I believe there are a number of reasons why XMPro will genuinely achieve your business improvement goals better than any other BPM software you may consider.
XMPro will handle 100% of your business processes completely. Any other system could easily fail to fully address up to 50% or even more of your needs. Why is this?

In a paperless world, email is paper

Are you old enough to remember the job bag? Maybe you called it something else but fundamentally it was a big manila envelope into which was stuffed every relevant document, form, approval and paper scrap for a particular job.