My attempts to avoid gobbledygook and stop being a BPM nerd

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  1. Steve, first of all, good luck with the walk. Secondly, good luck to your fellow walkers for listening to you for 50kms.

    Calling it “web forms and intelligent workflows” is an oversimplification of something that does a lot more. It like saying you have a pen knife on the walk when you really have a Swiss army knife. It can be a penknife when you need it to be, but it gives you a lot more options from a single tool. It doesn’t only cut with 3 different types of blades, but it also has a corkscrew or bottle opener for the cold one after the long walk. Some even has a built in stitching needle or file. You would much rather be walking with the Swiss army knife than the single blade penknife.

    XMPro is a smart process portal that can do workflow with smart forms. But rather than just addressing workflow, it also handles processes where you don’t know the flow in advance, or processes that needs to adapt on a case-by case basis. It also provides decision support when the flow path is not defined and allows for discussions and conversation to be part of doing work(flow). It is the Swiss army knife for business processes and you’d much rather take that on your business journey than an intelligent workflow with smart forms.

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